4X4 Workshop Countdown


These poppies encapsulates the intense sun beating down on us while on holidays in Mexico. It was fun to capture the heat and vividness of that summer week. There’s been a long pause including a few hiccups with torn ligaments and a computer that seized up on us after that snow storm we had in early September (what was with that?), a wonderful family wedding and my daughter’s 18th birthday.

I am now back on track with the third 4X4 workshop with Jean Pederson already behind me and the fourth and final one for the year coming up in December. I am once again committed to 30 paintings (gulp!) so I am holing up in my studio as I have barely begun.

I am excited however as I start this last phase of this extensive learning curve. It’s back to details as I focus on more complex representational images on prepared grounds. But more on that later!

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