Artistic Journey-Phase 2

Pomegranate #1

Pomegranate #1

Someone had asked if I would please explain what my artist identity is. My initial response is that is what I am on this artistic journey for – to explore, research, grow and paint like mad. Well known to me is that I am a nature-inspired artist as I derive my inspiration and creativity from the rolling ocean waves and the Rockies that encourage deep breathing.

But there is more. Through this 4×4 Master class with Jean Pederson I am learning to become aware of who I am as a person and paint with authenticity, being true to myself, the person God created me to be with all my imperfections. For example, I am not known to be a neat and tidy person (especially homemaker!) but my paintings were coming out very neat and tidy. Slowly I am breaking away from that and becoming more spontaneous as I create. On the other hand, as a perfectionist I am learning to relax and let go and not try to achieve the “way it should be”. Grace in art!

I hope that helps your understanding of artistic identity!

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