Artistic Journey – Phase 2




I have been having fun with fruit, trying to make the ordinary look appealing not only to eat but to look at.  It has also been freeing to using bright colors and come up with varying shades of green to complement the fruit which so far have all been red.

Speaking of fruit, I had the priviledge of showcasing my work in a farmer’s market – The Market on Macleod – recently. With Stampede going on it was quiet so I took the opportunity of buying some cherries and doing a quick sketch and painting it with watercolor. That was so enjoyable I hope to do more of that this summer.

I will be at The Market on Macleod again July 19th and Aug. 23rd with other artists. It’s a nice environment with the atrium all glass.

A date to save! I am hosting a Studio Open House Saturday, July 26th 1-5pm. I painted many large pieces during the first phase of my artistic journey and they will be up for sale. They are painted on mdf and are not framed and will go as they are. You will help me by freeing up my studio and you get to have a piece of original art for cheap! $100 for large paintings and $50 for small. Drop in for a visit!

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