Artistic Journey – Phase 2

Cherry #1

Cherry #1

We’ve been cleaning windows, scrubbing floors, giving the house that critical eye in preparation for the Studio Open House next week, Saturday July 26th. With my daughter’s foster puppy who likes to dig in gardens, destroy bedding-out plants, manage to dump out half of the potting soil in the rubber plant container as well as poke holes in the screen door and make sizeable scratch marks on the deck – it’s a challenge keeping the place at a resting point! He’s still very loveable with his fuzzy ears.




River - Foster Puppy, German Shepherd Cross

River – Foster Puppy, German Shepherd Cross

But I digress from giving you a temperature reading (hot!) of where I am at on this creative path. It has been good to create a body of work where I can develop consistency and solidify my skills. I still feel the need to break out of my own mold however and try new things especially in creating texture. Then there’s the swing back to more conventional methods. So there are ups and downs, often feeling like I don’t know anything about painting on the downswing and suddenly realizing how far I have come on the upswing. I push onward on this artistic journey and am thankful for this opportunity.

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