Andrea Slack

Andrea Slack


Born and raised in Japan to Canadian parents and now living in Canada, Andrea’s life was enriched as a third culture kid. The Japan Sea was her back yard, so to speak, and to this day Andrea has a deep attachment to the ocean which has influenced her art today. Living close to the Rockies now, nature inspires her as she paints landscapes, florals, seascapes and wildlife.

Acrylic paints have provided great versatility as they pave the way towards texture, a facet that is important to Andrea’s work. Her paintings are contemporary, giving the viewer a fresh perspective on the subject matter.

Andrea’s work has been well received across Western Canada. She has shown her art with the Rose Hip Gallery, Centennial Gallery, Vale’s Greenhouse, Framed on Fifth and at Hughes on Tenth. A member of The Federation of Canadian Artists, Andrea also teaches private art lessons.

Artist’s Statement

Using my two-year-old daughter’s watercolours one day, I became mesmerized watching images appear on my paper as if by magic. A friend encouraged me to take art lessons and after a year I succumbed and have not looked back.

I spent my childhood years in Japan with the Japan Sea a short walk from my home. I carry the ocean with me and it has influenced my art in a significant way as water is one of my favourite subjects. I love painting from all of nature, finding beauty everywhere I go as it reflects God the Master Artist and Creator.